The Landscape

Pietralunga offers his visitors many opportunities to spend a relaxing holiday and to play a variety of sports; You can go horseback riding, mountain-biking, long walks in the woods and pick mushrooms, fishing, outdoor sports such as skeet shooting, the archery and hunting at the Hunting farm. Even the youngest have the possibility 'of fun at the Tourist Complex Sports Candeleto that throughout the summer, as well as the swimming pools and other sports offers evening entertainment and disco. Finally, there are many and various folklore and cultural events that take place throughout the year and attract many tourists.

Numerous and of good quality are the accommodations like hotels, Cottages, Holiday Houses and B & B and due to its location, Pietralunga is also a good starting point to reach the major tourist destinations of Central Italy as Gubbio, Assisi, Perugia, Urbino , Florence, Arezzo, Pisa, Lake Trasimeno, Frasassi caves, etc. ..
Even fans of the cutural tourism and Religious located in Pietralunga and nearby towns many events featured: the Corsa dei Ceri in Gubbio, the Festival of Nations, the Museum "Burri" and the Horse Show in Città di Castello, etc.. . Additionally you can taste and buy local products such as the famous truffles and potatoes Pietralunga or local crafts.
The more adventurous can rent instead, a local company, and the Quad and tge Atv for exciting off-piste. Hunting lovers can enjoy this sport at the Company's Wildlife Hunting Perrubbio where there are numerous species including pheasants, hares and wild boars, or practice target shooting at the shooting range of Montidoro. Even lovers of Religious Tourism and Cultural find many opportunities in our area such as museums, exhibitions, churches and shrines.

Country Fairs

The Palio of Mannaja is the most important festival of Pietralunga and is held in the month of August, recalling a historical fact. The event takes place using medieval type of costumes and actively involves the whole population of the town , which is divided into districts and neighborhoods, they challenge the traditional racing gig . For the success of the past editions , after some transformations , the Palio of Mannaja is now recognized as one of the most important events in costume in Umbria. It has significant economic returns and tourism , as well as social pietralunghese for the whole community . The country for the occasion, decked to the nines ; in the historical center and the main streets open the craft shops, taverns and inns, where you can admire and buy local handicrafts , foods taste of local cuisine, all accompanied by great hospitality. And the attempt to reconstruct the turning of our people in the old village.

The Palio of Mannaja is the reenactment of something that happened in Pietralunga the September 11, 1334 , when a certain Giovanni di Lorenzo of Picardy ( France) , to make a pilgrimage to Lucca ( Holy Face ), passing through Pietralunga , was wrongly accused to have killed a man and therefore sentenced to death. The poor man turned to the Holy Face so confident that when the Executioner tried to cut his neck with mannaja , this turned the blade . Of this fact there are many testimonies of evidence, including a letter written by Branca de ' Branci , mayor of Pietralunga and the same mannaja, which is preserved in the Cathedral of Lucca, hanging close to the chapel of the Holy Face to witness the miracle happened. Pietralunga remember thiswith an event called Palio of Mannaja , which consists of a challenge between the Boroughs and Districts that vie for the prize by pushing through the streets of the historic center a heavy wagon ( the Biroccio ) , an ancient means of transportation of convicts to death , in a real race very exciting time.